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moss growing on the roof of a house in victoria

Moss Removal Services

Whether you notice a small amount of moss on your roof or are dealing with a roof completely overgrown with moss, our friendly, insured and experienced moss removal experts can help  - guaranteed

Prime Shine provides professional moss removal and moss treatment services for your home by insured, experienced, friendly service technicians. 


Vancouver Island's cloudy and rainy west coast days provide exactly the type of weather that moss and fungi need to grow and overtake your roof. It’s extremely important to maintain your roof and keep moss at bay. Moss soaks up moisture, and in a wet climate like ours, a mossy roof means a perpetually wet roof, which can be damaging to your property. 

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What to expect from our professional moss removal  technicians

Prime Shine offers a proven moss removal treatment that uses a combination of compressed air and soft brushing to clear away roof moss.

  • First, our moss removal technicians will gently brush away the moss by hand, freeing it from your shingles.

  • Using air or light brush, we will blow the loosened moss and debris out from between the shingles/tiles of your roof.

  • Lastly, we will do a full clean-up of the area and bag up and remove the debris from your property

  • Once your service is complete, we will check-in with you to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

We use tried and true preventative treatments to keep moss and other rot-causing organisms away from your roof. Our moss prevention treatment is applied to the entire roof to terminate the spores and any remaining moss, which will deaden and dry, a process you should see happen within 2 weeks of the first rain. Weather will abrade away remaining dead moss in about 9-12 weeks of normal Vancouver Island rain, without harming your plants, home, or pets thanks to our environmentally friendly treatment.

What will it cost for roof moss removal and treatment services?

Prime Shine moss removal at treatment services costs will depend upon the size and pitch of your roof as well the amount of moss that has accumulated.  Just contact us and one of our friendly technicians will come by to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. 

When should you have moss removal and moss treatment services?

Prime Shine provides moss removal services year-round, but for safety reasons, our technicians are not able to provide moss removal services under wet, frosty, or icy conditions. We recommend booking your moss removal service once a year, during the spring, summer, or early fall.  Talk to us about setting up a commercial or residential property maintenance plan or ask to be put on our seasonal call back list. 

"Jackson was excellent to work with,I would highly recommend him for your interior/exterior window cleaning and moss removal." 

M Webster, Duncan, February 24, 2022

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Property Maintenance Services

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