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Prime Shine Country House

Terms and Conditions

Prime Shine operates at the highest standards possible and our goal is to leave your home in better shape than when we arrived. 

 Within all due diligence, we will always do our best and work to resolve any and all issues. However, it is important that we are transparent about the conditions and situations we can not be held liable for. These include:

  • Preexisting damages to windows, frames, siding, sills, roofs, concrete, or screens;

  • Oxidized frames, sills or screens;

  • Torn, bent or loose screens;

  • Cracked or damaged glass, or damaged door or windows seals;

  • Previous damage to surfaces such as pavers, concrete, stonework, brick and tile;

  • Oxidization on vinyl or metal siding;

  • Previous damage to gutters, downspouts and drains;

  • Previously clogged drains or poor drainage;

  • Previous damage to gutter guards and/or covers;

  • Previous roof damage; 

  • Damage that occurs due to poor maintenance, age of property,  or property neglect; 

  • Water Intrusion due to bad seals, cracks, damaged roofing, cracks in  foundations and other pre-existing property conditions;  

  • Loose hangers, rotted or broken fascia, or other pitch and fastener-related gutter issues; and

  • Water damage from preexisting poor drainage, clogged drains, broken window or door seals.

Heavy build-ups of algae, mould, and dirt may be hiding problems including but not limited to oxidization, cracks, stains, rot, flaking and/or missing paint. In some circumstances, the removal of staining may not be possible or practical and replacement of surface or repainting may be necessary after cleaning is complete. It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure the property has been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. When new damage is found, we will make note of it and make every effort to bring it to your attention. 

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Prime Shine Re-Clean Guarantee

When you're happy - we're happy.  

If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us within

24 hours and we will make it right.

Just remember:

  • You must contact Prime Shine within 24 hours of your original services to request a re-clean

  • The Re-clean must occur within 72 hours of your original service

  • The Re-clean only applies to services and areas agreed to in the original service estimate

  • The Re-clean does not apply to surfaces that require specialized treatment, not covered under our original service estimate.

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